Roaring your way up

Welcome to the home page of Merilion, a social media marketing company located in Singapore. We are the premiere Asian-based social media marketing company in the area and have years of experience providing to western companies like yours with the help you need to succeed where others have failed. We created a multitude of trends and campaign styles, including Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, EDM and more, including:

• Keyword selection
• Providing unforgettable viral content
• Earning you Facebook organic followers
• Capturing Instagram organic followers
• Creating a brand image for your company
• Increasing your SEO presence
• Connecting with a sometimes difficult Asian market
• Translating your content into different languages and cultures
• Putting your needs first when creating a high-quality marketing strategy

The Southeast Asian economy is growing fast. Is it time for ecommerce businesses in the UK to look beyond China? If global growth is your objective, the 600 million consumers in Southeast Asia should certainly be on your radar…

Myles Dawson, UK country manager at Adyen

We tweak our services to meet the needs of each of our customers

All of these services are wrapped together in a comprehensive package that is designed specifically for you. This process includes discussing their market presence, the type of audience they want to reach, and what social media marketing methods they want to use to spread the good word of their company.

For example, we have helped companies like yours rank higher in Asian-based online searchers. This approach is harder than you might anticipate. That’s because eastern cultures have different interests and cultural concepts that can be tricky to break through when you are trying to market to them yourself. While you might read a book or talk to an expert on the subject, there is a good chance that your attempts to connect with an Asian audience are going to be less than adequate.

That’s just one of the many reasons you should reach out to us about our services. Our experts are all natives to the area and understand the cultural differences that inform the area. We can take your western marketing approach and adapt it to the unique cultural aspects of our part of the world.

Improve your presence in
your particular field

We fully understand the different ways to improve your presence in your particular field. Just as importantly, we are skilled at streamlining your marketing approach in a way that makes it easier for you to experience a breakthrough in a complex market.

Our Many Diverse Strategies

Success as a social media marketing company begins with high-quality strategies and campaign concepts.

We work hard to provide you and your business with the kinds of approaches that work in Asia and which will convert your leads.

Beyond that, we also strive to create a coherent and effective social media approach that makes your online presence a positive one. The idea is to reach as many customers as possible by branching out your business spread in a coherent, logical, and organic way. Just a few strategies we implement include:

• Facebook marketing
• Instagram marketing
• Focusing on high-quality bloggers and influencers
• Marketing through e-mail (Electronic Direct Mailing)
• Writing high-quality content (Blog articles)
• SEO-based approaches that improve your search status

All of these strategies are carefully adjusted to meet your personal needs and demands.

Asia go crazy about influencer marketing ~ According to NexMo, East Asia and Southeast Asia are the #1 and #2 social markets worldwide, with 1 billion cumulative users accessing social media platforms across both regions…

Samantha Engman

Build Organic Followers

Do you want Facebook organic followers who spread your articles and advertisements with their friends? We can help you! And if you’re big into the persuasive powers of pictures, we can earn you Instagram organic followers who will love all of your content and share it with others.

Our EDM marketing concepts are regularly updated to ensure that we don’t miss out on any new trends and ideas in the marketplace. The online marketing world changes nearly every day, and failing to adapt can leave you behind in a competitive and dense market. With our help, you can not only improve your chances of success but provide your company with the boost it needs to succeed.

Contact us to learn more about our strategies and marketing concepts.

Our marketing experts are willing to change for your needs, to provide you with excellent social media content, and to convert your views into real sales and a higher-quality marketing presence.