Master the Art of E-Mail Marketing

One of our key goals as a social media marketing company is to get your message across to the people. This type of EDM marketing is hard because you have to write an e-mail that catches the interest of your potential customers. The e-mail must be written in a simple, yet elegant, way that makes readers want to learn more about your company and its products and services. And when trying to master this kind of approach, you are going to be hindered by a lot of language differences in Asia.

The Significance of Language

It’s not just that our languages use different words and structures than most western languages. That is part of the challenge but not the biggest. We find that western businesses often struggle to understand the way eastern languages affect our understanding of your marketing and how different it is than in the west.

That’s one reason why your Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing are struggling so much. Even if you hire an translator for your e-mails and other types of online marketing, you’re just missing out on a lot of the nuances that inform our languages.

Understanding the Needs

Our EDM marketing techniques (combined with Facebook marketing and Instagram marketing) helps you cross that problematic cultural gap. Our marketing professionals are all native to Asia and fully understand the needs of those in this area.

For an example, if you are attempting to import bicycles into Asia from the west, you need an e-mail that can pinpoint the differences between your bikes and the many models that are already available here. Just as importantly, you need to understand what the average Asian bike rider is looking for when they are buying a bike.