We Improve Your Google Presence

When it comes to social media marketing, it is critical to improve your presence on Google as much as possible. Our high-quality services are designed to increase your search results on Google in respective countries.

Why is this such an important element?

Just think about how the average person finds a business. Most will go online and type the business type that they want in Google.

After they hit the search button, Google will sort through a multitude of different websites and rate them based on a variety of factors. The top results aren’t randomized but based on various algorithms that find sites that are more likely to identify high-quality websites. For example, companies who have regularly updated blogs and articles with real information are more likely to rank higher.

Achieve a higher ranking in Google

Getting in on the front page of the local search is a critical way of ensuring that your company stands out against your competitors. That’s because most people rarely stray outside of the first page of search results when using Google. Even if your website has the exact service or product that they need, being on the second page of search results is going to affect your business negatively.

There are various methods to achieve high ranking in Google:

  1. Google Ads Advertising
  2. Google Display Ads
  3. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Google Ads Advertising

Google AdWords is Google’s advertising system, an online advertising service, that enables sponsors to compete or bid certain keywords to display brief advertising to web users. It is justified by Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, means that visitor pay for each click on the ads, it is sometimes also known as pay-per-click (PPC).

Google Display Ads Network

Advertiser can decide where and when ads appear, especially for brand awareness. Ads appear on the Display Network (eg. Youtube, Gmail, websites etc.) depending on the type of targeting you use in your campaign. It is designed to help advertiser to find the right audience with multi targeting options, strategically show message to potential customers at the right place and the right time.

Search Engine Optimisation

We go through a process of increasing your SEO presence. SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it requires a multitude of different approaches. For example, we will create content, regular updates on blog articles, for your website that makes it feel more authoritative and memorable than other sites. This act will increase how many people come to your site.

Just as importantly, we can spread keywords throughout your content that will connect with potential customers in ways that you might not anticipate. For example, our Instagram marketing approach will create a flow of fans who read through your posts, check out your pictures, and share them with friends. A social media campaign should produce a constant stream of sharing and posting that intrigues customers and those who find your site in other ways.