Testimonials From Happy Customers

You don’t have to take out word for it when deciding if we are the right Asia social media marketing company for your needs. Our high-quality EDM marketing has been lauded by just about every one of our customers. While we obviously haven’t made everybody happy, we’ve done our best to meet the needs of as many people as possible by putting their needs above ours.

And we take all of our negative reviewers very seriously and strive to better ourselves for our next customers. We know how to take criticism and are willing to change to meet your needs. That said, here are just a few positive comments from a few of our many satisfied customers, kept anonymous here for their confidentiality:

We reached out to Merilion for help to create a market in Indonesia and Singapore and they did a tremendous job on creating our E-market. Since then they have been handling our Instagram and Facebook pages on which the rate of the following has increased since the first day. The best part is they translate our Chinese content in the mail and market it in both countries.Andy, Managing Director
Leagoo Smartphone (China)

They produce more results than they promise, they worked hard and exceeded my expectations. Before my company was not publicized on social media, my sales graph was never this good. I am overwhelmed by the efforts they have put into our pages on Facebook, blogs, and Instagram. They are a huge influence on our company services. Nance Ong, Marketing Manager
Mom's Cooking


After the launch of our speak good English campaign we needed to strengthen our ground online spreading out our aim, Merilion thoroughly explained their map how they’ll do it. Since one year they have been blasting and designing our amazing catchy electronic direct mails and have been giving us a detailed report about it. They’ve made our problems easier and we plan to continue the work together. Nurul Afiqah, Assistant Manager
National Heritage Board, Singapore


Who doesn’t want foreigners to see the beautiful part of your country and so do we try to spread the word in people how beautiful Australia is, recently we targeted Chinese tourist to see our country. When we talked to Merilion about it they told us the right place to aim for tourist. They handle the most popular media platform in China like WeChat and Weibo. They emailed the potential market in China and I have to say they know what actions will give the best outcomes totally loved the experience with them. Tony, Manager
Happy Tour Agency, Australia

As you can see, we have done a pretty good job making the marketing dreams of most of our customers come true. That’s because we work for you, not for ourselves. If you’re unhappy, we are just as upset. Our approach is based on what you want and what you need, not on charging you for services you don’t need. If we think you only need e-mail marketing, then we’ll help you set up a high-quality campaign.

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Our marketing experts are willing to change for your needs, to provide you with excellent social media content, and to convert your views into real sales and a higher-quality marketing presence.